How Can You Access Marriage Records for Free?

How Can You Access Marriage Records for Free?

Individuals can access marriage records by visiting institutions such as churches and city or county offices, checking family bibles and histories, reading newspapers and using online record sites such as Ancestry and World Vital Records. Some of the details that may be found in marriage records include the ages of the couple, date of marriage, place of marriage, full names of the couple, marital status and name of the minister that officiated the ceremony.

Newspapers are a good way to find information because they sometimes feature articles regarding marriages. Some newspapers may feature obituaries that may give information regarding marriages.

Paying a physical visit to a church or any other institution that officiates marriages can equally be a good way to obtain records for free. However, one of the easiest and most convenient methods to find records for free is through the Internet. To use this method, do the following:

  1. Find a suitable online database
  2. Online websites such as Ancestry and Heritage Quest are among the most reputable. Compare their options and choose the one that seems most appropriate.

  3. Search the database
  4. On the particular website, browse to find the Search option and enter the information required. Most website require the names of the couple to give accurate results.

  5. Refine results
  6. If there are too many results, try refining the search. Use the settings available to select a city or state that the couple may have been married in.

  7. Save the information obtained
  8. Save the details by printing the information or downloading it to the computer.