How Can You Access a List of Past Democratic Presidential Nominees?

How Can You Access a List of Past Democratic Presidential Nominees? has a full list of major presidential contenders from 1789 to 2012. The Democratic-Republicans, the forerunners of the Democratic Party, represent the first appearance of the party in 1796. From then on, the Democratic Party in some form presents a presidential candidate in every presidential election except 1824, in which all major candidates ran as independents due to the Democratic-Republican Party's inability to decide on a nominee.

All candidates on the Infoplease list have their name, party and number of electoral votes received aligned horozontally in the table's row. All candidates in the same cell ran concurrently and against one another in the general election. All elections until 1800 had the runner-up take the position of vice president. In the aftermath of the election of 1800, Congress passed the 12th amendment, mandating that electors cast separate votes for president and vice president.

Electors in the modern-day vote in accordance with the results of the popular vote, though no Federal statute or Constitutional law forbids state law from proclaiming otherwise. While some states lack restrictions on how electoral votes are cast, in practice, state electors unanimously vote with the majority vote in their state. Only Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by district instead of counting the entire state and all of its electors as a single entity for the purposes of the electoral college.