How can you access a list of lawyers that have been disciplined?


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The appropriate bar association in every state has a list of attorneys who have been disciplined, explains Hire A Lawyer. The U.S. Department of Justice also keeps a list of attorneys who face discipline or disbarment, the Department notes.

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In addition to the bar association in each state keeping a listing of lawyers who've faced discipline, suspension or disbarment, FindLaw notes that they also provide information on whether any complaints have been made against a particular attorney. FindLaw's website offers contact information for the disciplinary committees of each state's bar association.

The U.S. Department of Justice listing of attorneys suspended, disbarred or currently under disciplinary action includes information on whether the attorney was reinstated to bar after he served his suspension, as noted on Justice.gov.

By law, attorneys are supposed to notify clients of any disbarment or other disciplinary action, states Lawyer.com. Unfortunately, not all attorneys promptly notify their clients. A disbarred attorney must return any fees paid to clients and return all case files within 10 days of the disciplinary action. If a person is involved in an ongoing case and he is advised of his attorney's disbarment, the client can request that the judge allow him time to seek new representation.

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