How Can You Access a German Telephone Directory?

How Can You Access a German Telephone Directory?

The German telephone directory can be accessed via the and the websites. The content on both Gelbe Seiten and Das Telefonbuch is in German, which means that the websites will be useful for native German speakers and to those who can speak and read German.

The Bundesnetzagentur or the Federal Network Agency of the German government is in charge of regulating the telephone numbers in the country. On May 10, 2010, a new numbering plan in Germany was introduced where the length of telephone numbers were standardized to 11 digits including the area code. The cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich are exempted from this rule with 10 digits composed of two digits for the area code and eight digits for the subscriber number.

The following shows how to access German telephone numbers via the Gelbe Seiten and Das Telefonbuch.

  1. Go to either website
  2. Type either or on the browser and click enter.

  3. Conduct the search
  4. The home page on both websites have search fields marked "Was" meaning what and "Wo," which means where. Type the required information on the search fields and then launch the search. The search can be narrowed down on both websites using the categories below the search fields.

  5. Sift through the results
  6. The search may turn up several results, which one can sift through or narrow down further using the category tool.