How Can You Access an Adopt a Family Application?


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"Adopt a Family" is a widely used term in the non-profit world to describe a program in which needy families are given assistance by a specific individual. Adopt a Family programs across the United States have varying missions, time frames of support and intended audiences. To determine the specific steps necessary to access an application, find the website of a local organization

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Adopt a Family options vary greatly depending on the specific program, but they typically range from helping a family of a deployed soldier to helping a family navigate a holiday season to helping a family avoid homelessness. It is not essential to have a local Adopt a Family program in order to participate in the program, as many organizations accept help from all across the country.

To find a program, determine what type of family you would like to help and then search online to find an organization that helps those particular families. A local food pantry, homeless shelter, community non-profit or human service center may have information regarding Adopt a Family programs. For finding military families to support, contact your local Veterans Administration or non-profits that work specifically with military families to determine how to access an application.

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