How Can You Find a 1974 Yearbook?


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Anyone searching for a 1974 yearbook can try websites such as Classmates.com and ThisOldYearbook.com. Older yearbooks can be harder to locate because of space limitations and the fact that yearbook manufacturers don't keep hard copies of every yearbook printed.

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A yearbook is a combination of sentimental value and historical reference. Each year a yearbook is published, a snapshot of a period of time is created. Many yearbooks record interesting facts such as the price of common grocery items, the price of a gallon of gas and who was president at the time.

For those looking for a 1974 yearbook, Classmates.com maintains a large database of yearbooks from schools throughout the United States. Visitors can search through 250,000 yearbooks to find a 1974 yearbook.

ThisOldYearbook.com also has a database of yearbooks people can look at. Visitors to the website can search through several thousand yearbooks by state. If the yearbook cannot be located, the owner of the site also offers additional research assistance.

Another option for those looking for a 1974 yearbook is to check with the specific school. Some schools keep a copy of a yearbook from each year. Local libraries might also have copies of yearbooks in either hard or digital formats.

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