What Are Some Facts About Camp Casey, South Korea?


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Camp Casey, South Korea, is a United States military base located 40 miles north of Seoul. The camp is named after Major Hugh Boyd Casey, who lost his life in a plane crash in the area. The camp is located close to other military bases including Camp Hovey, Camp Castle and Camp Mobile.

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Camp Casey received its name in 1952 and plays host to more than 6,300 military personnel and over 2,500 civilians. The Camp stands on a 3,500 acre piece of land. The camp has several health facilities, including a dental and health clinic. Recreational facilities are available in the form of a skateboarding park, two gymnasiums, a movie theater and a golf course.

The camp is connected to the rest of the world through an Internet cafe. Other important facilities on the camp include a library, tailor shops, fast food restaurants and filling stations. Camp Casey is home to some of the main combat units, including the First Battalion of the 72nd Armored Regiment and the 210th Fires Brigade.

The main mission of the soldiers located in Camp Casey is to discourage any aggression from North Korea. The mission has remained the same for approximately half a century.

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