What Camouflage Techniques Do the Military Use?


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Camouflage techniques employed by the military include hiding, blending, disguising, disrupting and decoying. Skillful implementation of camouflage, cover and concealment techniques are essential to carrying out tactical military operations.

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Hiding involves concealing targets of interest from the enemy through burying, concealing with trees, vegetation and net, and obscuring. Blending works by altering the appearance of a target, causing it to resemble background terrain, textures, colors and shapes. Disguising is employed to modify the appearance of something so as to confuse the enemy of its real identity.

Disrupting concerns altering the target through the use of paint, nets and shape distortion in such a way as to essentially change the target’s attributes. Decoying involves the use of fake targets in such a way as to mislead the enemy into thinking the target is real.

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