How Do You Call England?

How Do You Call England?

To call England from overseas, first dial the exit code of the country you are in, and then dial 44, which is the country code for England (UK). Then, replace the first number of the local area code, which is 0, with your country's exit code and 44.

  1. Find the exit code of the country you're in

    Each country has its own exit phone code. This can be found online through a search engine. For example, the exit code for the USA is 011 (to phone out of the USA, you need to dial 011). This number must be dialed before England's country code (44). So, to call England from the USA, the first digits that must be dialed are 01144.

  2. Replace the first number of the local area code with the exit code and 44

    All the local area codes in England start with 0 (zero). For instance, the dialling code for London is 020 and Liverpool is 0151. When calling from overseas, you replace the first number (in this example, 0) with the exit code from where you're dialling and 44. For example, if calling London from the USA, dial 0114420 (not 01144020). To call Liverpool from the from the USA, dial 01144151.

  3. Add the rest of the phone number

    If calling a phone number in England such as 0123 456 7899 from the USA, dial 011 44 123 456 7899. If calling a cell phone number in England from the USA, dial 011447 and then the rest of the number (all UK cell phone numbers begin with 07).