How Do You Find California Public Records?


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The State of California provides links to all of its available public records on its official website at Ca.gov. Some of the types of public records that users can search include state government records, crime/court records, business/labor records, property/real estate records and health records.

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The California Public Records Act, which passed in 1968, mandates that all of these records be available to the public. This law requires that all government records be available for the public to inspect upon official request unless those records are exempt under the law. Most of the exemptions are related to specific types of records.

However, the public agency responsible for the record can also request a general exemption for a particular record. In this case, the agency responsible for the record must prove that the public interest is better served by keeping the record private than by disclosing it to the public. It is then up to the court in which the record request was issued to determine whether the agency is justified in its nondisclosure of the record.

Many public records are easily available to the general public. However, some records may require making an official request through the court system instead of merely searching the online database.

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