What Are Some California Ballot Measures?


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Some California ballot measures include 1613. (13-0022) State Fees on Hospitals, Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds, Initiative Statutory and Constitutional Amendment and 1660. (14-0011) Referendum to Overturn Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. These are qualified as November 2016 statewide ballot measures in August 2014 and February 2015, respectively.

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If approved by voters, 1613. (13-0022) would eliminate the end date of existing legislation that imposes fees on hospitals in order to fund Medi-Cal health care services, uncompensated care to uninsured patients and children's health coverage. This ballot measure would also ensure that the fees imposed by the legislation would not be counted among revenue determining state spending limit or education funding.

If signed by the requisite number of voters, 1660. (14-0011), the referendum to overturn the state ban on single-use plastic bags, would place a challenge on the statewide ballot to allow voters to decide whether they believe grocery and other retail stores should be permitted to return to the use of non-reusable bags. It would challenge the law approved by state legislature and the governor that obligates such retail outlets to charge customers for recycled paper bags and reusable bags.

Another California ballot measure is SCA 17 (Resolution Chapter 127. Statutes of 2014). Steinberg. Members of the Legislature: suspension), scheduled for the June 2016 statewide ballot.

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