How Do You Calculate Which ZIP Codes Are in a Given Radius?


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You can calculate the ZIP codes in a given radius using online tools available through websites or using a Microsoft Excel plug-in. The online tools are available at no cost, but there is a charge for downloading the plug-in.

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Free Map Tools offers a Radius Search Map on which you can specify a specific point and then define the radius you wish to search, as of 2015. For instance, if you click on the approximate center of California and define the radius as 50 miles, a localized circle appears with all ZIP codes within that area. Besides the ZIP code location graphic, a list of the ZIP codes and associated cities also appears in the search results. Instead of clicking on the map, you can enter a numeric ZIP code and search within a defined radius of that ZIP code for all other ZIP codes.

Zip-Codes.com also offers a search tool where you can enter the ZIP code and then find all ZIP codes within a certain range of the original, as of 2015. Spheresoft, as well as other companies, offers a ZIP code distance and radius plug-in for Microsoft Excel available for purchase on its website. The Spheresoft plug-in, as of 2015, is available for immediate electronic delivery and costs $65. Once this plug-in is installed, Spheresoft allows you to search the radius of a ZIP code as well as the distance between two ZIP codes.

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