What Is a Cage Code Search?

What Is a Cage Code Search?

A CAGE code search refers to searches performed to obtain supplier information for defense agencies or governmental entities. The identifier is generally given to governmental contractors or is assigned to a government facility to pinpoint a site's location.

The commercial and government entity code is made up of five characters and is assigned by the Logistics Agency in the Department of Defense, known as the DLA. CAGE codes that are assigned to governmental facilities outside U.S. boundaries are known as NCAGE codes with the "N" standing for NATO. These codes are a part of the NCS or NATO codification system.

Currently, 28 countries make up the North America Treaty Alliance Organization, or NATO. Both the United States and United Kingdom joined in 1949.

The CAGE acronym supplants the former FSCM, which is short for the Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers. Before the 1980s, the identifier was referred to as the code identification number.

Suppliers with CAGE codes who do business with the government must enroll in the System for Award Management, known as SAM. First introduced in 2012, the SAM database replaces two databases known as the Central Contractor Registration and Online Representations & Certifications Application. All suppliers, who are a part of the Employment Network for the government, must be registered with SAM.