What Are Some Facts About the C-130 Aircraft Landing on the USS Forrestal?


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On Oct. 30 1963, a C-130 Hercules flown by Lt. James H. Flatley III made 21 unarrested full-stop landings, and 21 unassisted takeoffs from the USS Forrestal. As of 2015, the C-130 holds the record for heaviest aircraft ever to land on an aircraft carrier.

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Lockheed's only modifications to the C-130 prior to the sea trials and landing were the removal of the under-wing refueling pods, the installation of a smaller nose-landing gear orifice and an improved braking system. An analysis performed by the U.S. Navy concluded that the C-130 could carry as much as 25,000 pounds of freight and fly for 2,500 miles before eventually landing on an aircraft carrier.

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