How Do You Buy Missile Silos in Kansas?


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As of Deceomebr 2015, SiloWorld.net has listings for decommissioned Atlas E and F missile launch facilities for sale in Topeka and Glasco, Kansas. The prices of the properties range from $195,000 to $288,000. 20th Century Castles, LLC has an Atlas E missile launch facility for sale in Osage City at a cost of $265,000. Decommissioned government properties such as these require significant renovation and cleanup in order to be usable.

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Hardened Structures, LLC offers a decommissioned missile silo in Valley Falls and a fortified communications bunker in Russell, Kansas. The firm also provides engineering and construction services for those who want to fortify, upgrade or retrofit their missile silos for any specific purpose. Additionally, missile silos may be purchased directly from the United States General Services Administration. However, missile silos currently for sale by the federal government are all destroyed by controlled implosion.

Luxury Survival Condos boasts full-floor, half-floor and penthouse-sized finished condominiums located in two former Atlas F missile silos in Kansas. Each silo is designed to provide all necessary amenities for five years for 36 to 70 residents. Due to high demand and construction costs, the condos range in price from $1,500,000 for a half-floor condo to $4,500,000 for a penthouse condo. A 60 percent down payment is required.

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