How Do You Buy Military Overstock Items?

Purchase military overstock items from a military surplus store, either by visiting one in your area or ordering from the wide range of options available online. Military surplus gear is also often available on auction websites, such as

Visit the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services website if you want to buy directly from the military. The site has a database that lets you search for information about the military surplus property you want. It also provides contact information and other details about how to find upcoming sales. This information may change frequently because they do not always have the same stock available.

When buying online, be sure to read listings thoroughly before purchase. Military overstock gear ranges from brand new equipment to items that were actually used in the field. If you need something without wear and tear, make sure you are buying new or like-new gear.

If you are interested in collecting or purchasing large amounts of military surplus gear, it may help to familiarize yourself with the National Stock Number system. The NSN is a serial number assigned to all military items, and people who know how to read it can look up what type of item it refers to and where the item originated. This can help you identify and organize your gear.