How Do You Get a Bus Pass for Disability?

Disabled people can find information regarding discount bus passes by visiting the website of the local bus transit service. You must meet the qualifications for disability fare reduction and submit an application to the bus service for review. Upon approval, you'll receive a disability bus rider card.

Each municipality has its own disability qualification process for bus riders. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System combines a disability identification card with its compass pass program, and users simply tap bus fare boxes to activate the card. San Diego MTS gives riders an option to submit a short or long form application. The long form is for anyone with disabilities, and the short form is for people aged 60 and above. As part of the application process, the transit service requires applicants submit documents such as a driver's license, birth certificate or Medicare card as proof of identification.

A licensed health care provider can help disabled individuals without adequate identification documents by submitting a special form. The Los Angeles Metro bus system provides an online form at its website for reduced fare disability applications. The Chicago Regional Transportation Authority has a program that allows Illinois residents with disabilities to ride the bus for free, and offers a reduced fare option for nonresidents. Free bus rides require enrollment in the state's benefit access program, plus an RTA permit. Apply for discounted fares by submitting an application for the RTA reduced fare program.