What Is the Bureau of Sanitation?


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The Bureau of Sanitation is an organization responsible for waste management in the city of Los Angeles, Calif. and its surrounding areas. As of 2014, the organization offers four core services: a Wastewater Program, a Solid Resources Program, a Watershed Protection Program and general administration services.

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The Wastewater Program offers collection, treatment and disposal of over 550 million gallons of water per day. The Solid Resources Program collects, recycles and disposes of 1.4 million tons of refuse a year. The Watershed Protection Program reduces water pollution to improve the quality of the city's receiving waters whilst complying with all stormwater pollution abatement regulations.The 2,800 staff protect public health and the environment and work towards creating a better quality of life for the residents of the city of Los Angeles.

They provide both commercial and residential services including industrial waste management and environmental monitoring. Some of the residential services provided include Christmas tree recycling, used tire recycling, sewer repairs and an Annual Yard Trimmings Collection.

The motto of the organization is, "Working hard every day for a sustainable L.A." They are committed to six main values: trust and integrity, leadership, quality, teamwork, customer satisfaction and constant and never-ending improvements. The director of the Bureau of Sanitation is Enrique C. Zaldivar.

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