How Do You Build a Wooden Wagon?


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First, construct the body of the wagon by attaching back and side panels to a wooden base with wood glue and nails. Fix the back wheels to the frame with wooden trucks, and attach the front wheels to a yoke that pivots beneath the wagon's wooden base.

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Before assembling the body of the wagon, all pieces of wood used should be primed with a latex primer. The back and side panels are attached to the base of the wagon with 6d finish nails and wood glue. A 1/4-inch hole needs to be bored through the front of the wagon's base, as this is where the yoke is eventually attached. The wheels require wooden trucks, which may be cut from plywood and then assembled around the back wheels using wood glue and screws. The back wheels are fixed directly to the back of the wagon using 3/4 inch wood screws and finish washers.

The yoke for the front wheels needs to be cut using a 20-tpi blade, and sanded. Two holes need to be drilled into the yoke. One is in the front of the yoke for the eye screw, which attaches the wagon's handle to the yoke, while the other attaches the yoke to its pivot point on the base of the wagon. The front wheels are attached to the yoke in the same fashion as the back wheels. A handle is attached using an eye screw.

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