How Do You Get a British Passport Renewed in Canada?


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To get a British passport renewed in Canada, get a passport photo taken and complete Form C-1. Then, send the application, the passport photos, your current passport and the application fee to the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Determine if you are eligible for renewal

    Determine if you are eligible to renew your British passport. You are eligible if you have your current passport and don't need to change your name or nationality status. You are not eligible if your old passport is damaged or it is an old-style, blue British passport.

  2. Get a passport photo taken

    You must submit two identical, undamaged passport photos 45 millimeters by 35 millimeters in size, printed on photo-quality paper. The color photo must have a gray or cream-colored background. You must face the camera directly with a neutral expression.

  3. Complete Form C-1

    Complete the U.K. passport renewal application, Form C-1. Fill it out completely and legibly.

  4. Mail the passport renewal materials

    Mail the completed Form C-1, the two passport photos, your current passport and the appropriate passport application fee to the Regional Passport Processing Centre at the British Embassy, 19 Observatory Circle, N.W., Washington, D.C.

  5. Wait for your new passport

    Passports and supporting documents are shipped from the United Kingdom to Canada via DHL Worldwide. You will need a photo ID to accept delivery of the new passport and supporting materials.

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