How Do You Brief on Safety Topics?


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Brief on safety topics by choosing the most important aspects and lightly touching on all relevant safety topics, while telling listeners where they can find more detailed information. Whether you are doing a safety briefing for employees at a company meeting, before a sporting activity or for a personal gathering, make sure you have the full attention of everyone taking part.

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  1. Get the attention of all of the listeners

    Wait until everyone is looking directly at you. Once you have everyone's full attention, promise to be as brief as possible.

  2. List the most important safety aspects

    Touch upon each one of the most important safety aspects relevant to the situation at hand, offering the most vital information. Direct listeners to any brochures or handbooks available for more detailed information.

  3. Stress the importance of safety

    Make a personal remark on how important safety is, either with a factual statistic of injuries due to preventable accidents or by asking audience members how they would feel if one of the participants got hurt because they didn't know the rules.

  4. End the briefing by answering questions

    Leave time at the end of the briefing to answer any questions, and offer additional guidance on anything that may be misunderstood. Make yourself available after the meeting for one-on-one help if needed.

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