What Does the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco Do?

The Brazilian consulate in San Francisco grants visas to Americans and others living in its area who are traveling to Brazil, and it provides oversees services for Brazilians who are living or traveling abroad in the states of Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Northern California, according to the consulate's website. These services include help with travel documents, support in emergency situations and overseeing Brazilian ships docked in the consulate's jurisdiction.

The website of the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco states that the Brazilian consulate helps Brazilians obtain new passports and identification cards when their documents have been damaged or lost. The consulate also processes requests for the reacquisition or renunciation of Brazilian citizenship, and it registers the deaths and births of Brazilian citizens living in its jurisdiction. Brazilians living abroad register for the Brazilian military draft and the Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry through the consulate. The consulate maintains a social media presence directed toward Brazilians living abroad for quick access to important information.

In addition to providing visas to Americans moving or traveling to Brazil, the consulate notes that it helps process paperwork for pets traveling to Brazil, and it authenticates American documents to legalize them in Brazil. This includes school transcripts and diplomas, birth and death certificates, and marriage and divorce records. The consulate's website provides information about traveling and living in Brazil, and it links to other sites with more detailed tourist information.