What Branch of Government Is Closest to the People?

The branch of the United States government that is closest to the people is the Congress because it is elected directly by the people and has the authority to make laws that influence its citizens. Apart from serving as the voice of the states and the people in the federal government, Congress is also responsible for conducting investigations to supervise the executive branch and hold meetings on the legislative process.

This legislative branch shares power with both the judicial branch and executive branch, whose leader is the president. The highest body of the judicial branch is the Supreme Court. However, out of these three branches, Congress is the only branch that is elected by the people.

The powers given to the Congress are described in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, and the powers include overseeing and investigating, approving presidential appointments, approving treaties that the executive branch negotiates, impeaching and trying federal officers, providing public money and ensuring that it is properly spent, declaring war and making laws. The Congress is made up of two institutions, which have equal but different responsibilities in the federal government: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each institution has special constitutional duties and powers even though they share some legislative roles.