What Are Some Facts About the Boy Scout's Youth Protection Training Standards?


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The Boy Scout's Youth Protection Training standards require two-deep leadership on all outings and prohibit one-on-one contact between adult members and youth members. Another fact about the Boy Scout's Youth Protection Training is that it is a mandatory training for members every two years.

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The Boy Scouts of America's Youth Protection training is designed to keep Boy Scouts of America members and youth safe during scouting expeditions. It is a requirement for all levels of the organization including adult leaders, youth members and volunteers.

The Youth Protection training has barriers to abuse aimed at preventing child molestation. Two-deep leadership is a requirement that means two registered adult leaders are required for all outings. It is also acceptable to have one registered leader and a parent for outings. One of the registered adults for an outing must be at least 21 years of age.

Adults can not single out youth members individually. All meetings between adults and youth must take place within sight of other members. These rules apply online as well. Leaders are not allowed to have one-on-one conversations with members via social media, games or other digital activities.

The Youth Protection program requires separate accommodations for adult and youth members. The program also uses the buddy system and mandates youth privacy when changing clothes or taking showers.

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