What Was "Bonnie and Clyde" About?

bonnie-clyde Credit: Getty Images/Moviepix/Getty Images

Bonnie and Clyde were American outlaws from Dallas, Texas. During the Great Depression, they traveled throughout the Central United States with their gang, known as "The Barrow Gang," robbing banks, stores and gas stations. They took the lives of many people in the process, and their short lives ended when they were caught and killed by police. They are often portrayed as one of Hollywood's most glamorous outlaw couples.

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were a young couple who met and fell madly in love during the Great Depression. Shortly after they became a couple, Clyde was arrested and sent to jail for past crimes. With Bonnie's help, Clyde escaped from prison, but he was later recaptured. He spent almost two years in jail and was granted an early parole. After his release, Clyde was unable to secure work, so he, Bonnie, and a crew Clyde headed, known as "The Barrow Gang," began robbing and stealing and killing innocent people.

Bonnie's loyalty to Clyde is one of the main reasons why their story was and still is romanticized by Hollywood. Bonnie had the opportunity to leave Clyde and start a new life free of crime, but her loyalty to him made her stay with him, even though she knew this choice would ultimately lead to her death. Bonnie and Clyde, spent a total of two years committing crimes and running from the police. On May 23,1934, the police ambushed the couple and shot them to death.