How Do You Get a Birth Certificate in San Francisco?

How Do You Get a Birth Certificate in San Francisco?

Get a copy of a birth certificate for the most recent three years from the San Francisco Department of Public Health Office of Public Records by completing an application, showing ID and paying the fee. Obtain birth certificates from more than three years ago at the Office of the County Clerk.

  1. Complete an application

    Download and print an application from the Department of Public Health website. Indicate your relationship with the birth certificate registrant. Fill in your personal information, along with the name of the registrant, mother and father's names, and date of birth.

  2. Provide ID or a notarized statement

    If you apply for the birth certificate in person, show valid legal photo ID. If you apply by mail, instead of ID provide a notarized sworn statement that you are a person authorized by law to receive a certified copy of the birth certificate. Authorized persons include the registrant, parent or legal guardian, child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or domestic partner. An attorney for the registrant or a person with a court order can also receive a certified birth certificate.

  3. Pay the fee

    Pay the fee for the records search. Personal checks are not accepted. By mail, send a money order or cashier's check. Alternatively, to pay by credit card by mail, fill in the credit card information on the application.