Where Are Some of the Biggest US Army Bases?

biggest-army-bases Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

At 238,646 people, Fort Bragg is the largest army base in the world by population. The next four bases are also American and include Fort Campbell, Fort Hood, Joint Base Lewis and Fort Benning, according to Army-Technology.

Fort Bragg houses 52,280 active-duty soldiers, 12,624 reserve soldiers, 8,757 civilian employees and 98,507 army retirees and their families. It hosts the 20th Engineer Brigade, 18th Fire Brigade and the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade and is located west of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The grounds include 163,000 acres.

Fort Campbell has a total population of 234,914 and houses the Screaming Eagles as well as the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault. It houses the fifth largest active duty population in the army, including 30,438 military personnel and 53,116 family members. The base itself covers 105,000 acres.

Fort Hood covers 214,968 acres and has a total population of 217,003. Located in Killeen, Texas, it has 8,909 civilian employees, 4,733 active duty officers and 39,262 enlisted members.

Joint Base Lewis is located in the Pacific Northwest and has a total population of 209,486. It covers 414,000 acres and includes more than 10,000 civilian employees. Recruits from all branches of the armed services are trained there.

Fort Benning is located in Fort Benning, Georgia and covers a total area of 182,000 acres. Its population is 107,627 and includes 27,436 active duty members, 21,414 dependents and 13,248 retirees. This base was set up to provide training during World War I and housed more than 95,000 enlisted soldiers during World War II, according to Army-Technology.