What Are the Benefits of Reading Terms and Conditions?


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Benefits of reading the terms and conditions of an agreement include avoiding extra fees or charges, being certain about the length of your contract, and knowing whether a contract can be canceled, according to Webroot. Neglecting to read terms and conditions can lead to significant problems.

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One reason people neglect reading the terms and conditions that it's easier to click the box without actually reading the small print. Those neglecting to read the terms and conditions are kept uninformed of their rights, until something goes wrong, notes Webroot. They may only become aware of certain charges by fully reading the small print.

The Guardian reported a 2011 survey that showed just 7 percent of people read the full terms when buying a product or service online, and 20 percent said they suffered from not doing so. The survey showed one in 10 people stating they ended up in contracts longer than they had planned due to skipping the terms and conditions. One in 20 reported losing money because they were not able to cancel bookings.

Regardless of how unfair terms may be, if a person signs a consumer contract, he is bound to all of its terms, explains the report in The Guardian. It is not an excuse that he didn't know an item was included in the contract terms.

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