What Are Some Benefits of Personal Security Protection?


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The benefits of personal security protection are that the person or people being protected can perform the actions or tasks they desire without fear for their safety or threat to other valuable assets or information. This protection sometimes extends to family members of the primary client, depending on the scope of the contract with the protection agency and the perceived threat against the client.

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Also referred to as personal protection services or bodyguarding, the agent or agents involved have a variety of roles depending on the potential threats facing a client. Important public figures are often the target for violence, meaning that the bodyguards of such people are required in the course of their job to have a vigilant situational awareness for explosive devices, possible weapons, escape or evasion routes on foot or by vehicle. Celebrities with personal security personnel may wish to avoid intrusive media encounters.

Private personal security firms such as Barbier Security Group, Pinkerton Protective Services and Bulletproof Securities offer various services depending on the wishes of the client. They may field armed or unarmed bodyguards, drivers and reconnaissance agents as needed. The U.S. Secret Service often protects higher-ranked members of the executive U.S. government domestically and abroad, while members of the U.S. military protect other political figures around the world.

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