What Are Some of the Benefits Offered by L-3?

Comprehensive health care coverage, a prescription drug plan, and dental and vision insurance are some of the benefits offered by L-3. Other offered benefits include education assistance, employee stock purchases, 401(k) plans and flexible work arrangements.

L-3 provides aerospace, electronics, communications and national security services. Its aerospace systems division supports ground systems and aircraft through integrated solutions, modernization, sustainability and upgrades as well as maintenance and logistics. L-3 electronic systems supplies commercial and military customers with products, components, systems, subsystems and related services. The company’s communications division specializes in tactical and strategic systems for space, airborne, ground and sea-based communications. L-3 provides analytics, intelligence analysis and cybersecurity solutions, as well as enterprise IT and high-performance computing services for national security.

Founded in 1997 to acquire business units from Lockheed Martin, L-3 is one of the top government contractors, as of 2016. One of the businesses acquired by L-3 is Paramax Systems Corporation, which some consider the first-ever computer software business.

The company has 45,000 employees, as of 2016. Headquartered in New York City, L-3 also has corporate operations in Huntsville, Alabama, and Arlington, Virginia, as well as Australia, Canada, Korea, London and Saudi Arabia. L-3 also has multiple facilities in these and other countries, including Germany and Italy.