What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Trademark?


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Obtaining a trademark gives a business nationwide priority and enlists the help of the U.S. Customs Service to ward off unscrupulous imports, states MarkLaw. It also protects the interests of a business by notifying competitors that the mark is federally registered, says the Houston Chronicle.

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National priority expands the firm’s rights across a broader geographical area than it would otherwise enjoy, explains MarkLaw. Having a trademark helps a business owner plan for regional expansion without the risk of finding another firm using his trademark in a different territory.

A federally registered trademark provides its owner with the right to take legal action in federal or state court against individuals or firms that attempt to use the trademark, notes MarkLaw. Federal registration of a trademark offers procedural advantages to attorneys in trademark cases, which enhances the likelihood or recovering damages for trademark infringement.

By using an encircled R symbol, a trademark gives constructive notice of its use as an exclusive right of a business, notes MarkLaw. Designated goods use the symbol, which gives them more marketing cachet. In a legal suit, a defendant cannot avoid monetary damages by claiming innocent infringement. A trademark owner should record his trademark with the U.S. Customs to get help in fighting against counterfeit products.

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