What Are the Benefits of Marriage to a U.S. Citizen?

Marriage to a U.S. citizen provides conditional permanent residence to an immigrant and makes him eligible for a green card after three years, according to AllLaw. A person gets to work at any legal work of his choosing or qualification and enjoys legal protection by all U.S. laws, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A person who marries a U.S. citizen gets conditional permanent residence in the United States for two years, says Forbes. Immigration officials review the marriage after two years to ensure the union is bona fide and not a sham to secure an immigrant visa, states AllLaw. An individual is eligible for U.S. citizenship within three years following approval for permanent residency on the condition that he stays married to his spouse and continues residing with the citizen.

Marriage to a U.S. citizen makes an individual eligible for an immigrant visa. The immediate relative category does not have limitations on the number of visas available in a certain year, meaning marriage fast tracks the process of getting a green card, explains AllLaw. A person who marries a U.S. citizen in good faith and gets an immigrant visa but is unable to stay in the union due to spousal abuse by his partner gets to keep his green card, says Duke University.