What Are Some Benefits of Joining the U.S. Marine Corps Academy?


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Benefits of joining the US Marine Corps Academy include excellent training and tuition assistance. The Montgomery GI bill helps to pay for the student's education, and they have a steady income, as well as health care and life insurance benefits when they complete their studies.

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Individuals who join the US Marine Corps Academy receive training on the career path they choose. The career path is based on the student's aptitude, security clearance, physical abilities, determination and motivation. During their time at the academy, students go through physical training, naval education, and ethical and moral development. In addition to military training, the curriculum offers courses in more than 20 other majors.

While in the academy, the Navy pays for their housing, medical and dental care. The Montgomery GI bill helps to pay for vocational training and college training for members of the marine corps. If they choose to continue with their study while on active duty, they receive tuition assistance to help defray the cost of college-accredited courses.

Individuals who join the US Marine Corps are guaranteed a steady income after they complete their studies. They are paid twice a month based on their pay grade and their service requirements. They may receive additional tax free-allowances for housing and subsidence. There are opportunities for job advancement based on their knowledge, performance, time in pay grade and service requirements. They also enjoy tax advantages as only their basic pay is subject to state and federal tax.

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