What Are Some Benefits Extended to Military Spouses?

What Are Some Benefits Extended to Military Spouses?

As of 2015, military spouses receive low-cost health care and special consideration when applying for government jobs. They are also eligible for tuition assistance through a transfer of the GI Bill and other programs.

The Stateside Spouse Education Program provides $2,500 a year of tuition assistance to spouses of active-duty military. The U.S. Department of Justice also has a program called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts designed to help military spouses learn easily transferable skills.

Military spouses receive coverage from Tricare, the military health insurance program. Spouses also are able to live in affordable housing on military bases and shop at the commissary, which is a discounted grocery store for military personnel. They can access each base's Family Center, which provides employment assistance and other benefits. Families with young children can take advantage of subsidized low-cost childcare as well.

Military spouses are also eligible for a variety of specialized loans, including small business loans and home loans. Military spouses who survive their husbands and wives may also be eligible to keep collecting their late spouses' pensions and other benefits.

Military spouses can also access social benefits such as support groups, play groups for children and other recreational activities designed to ease the difficulty of having an active-duty spouse.