What Benefits or Entitlements Are Available for Widows?


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Widow’s pensions, widow’s grants, special funeral grants, and widowed parent allowances are the main benefits for widows, according to Homeland Security. Other special entitlements available for widows include disabled widow benefits. The amount a widow receives depends on the deceased’s contribution to Social Security as well as the number of dependent children the deceased left behind.

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The widow’s pension is a welfare benefit payable to the surviving spouse who has enough PRSI contributions, according to Citizens Information. On the other hand, the widow’s grant is payable to widows with dependent children to help cater for their expenses. This grant requires the surviving spouse to provide proof of the dependent children and their ages. If the deceased died in the line of duty, the widow is eligible for a special funeral grant. With this type of grant, all the funeral costs are paid off to the last penny.

A widow with a special case, such as a disability, also benefits greatly from disabled widow's benefits. The widow can enjoy these grants for up to 10 years after the death of the spouse. A widow with dependent children has access to huge benefits in terms of monetary value. However, most of these benefits cease to exist immediately after the surviving spouse remarries.

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