What Benefits Am I Entitled to As a Single Mother?

Some of the benefits to which single mothers are entitled include child health insurance, assistance for family planning and allied health services, rental subsidies and child care assistance, notes Single Mother Guide. The availability of these benefits varies by state and level of need.

There are several programs that offer financial and other assistance to single mothers in need, explains Single Mother Guide. The Federal Work Study program provides part-time work opportunities for single parents who are in school; students may work for up to 20 hours a week. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed single mothers. However, recipients are also required to work for a certain number of hours each month. Medicaid provides eligible families with health insurance, while the Children's Health Insurance program provides cover for uninsured children 19 years old and younger.

The National School Lunch program provides eligible students from low-income households with free or low-cost lunches while the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program enables participating household to access healthy food, notes Single Mother Guide. The Child Care Assistance program assists eligible parents meet their child care costs as they study or look for work. The Weatherization Assistance program provides a way for low-income families to reduce their energy costs, while the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program provides temporary assistance for low-income families struggling to pay their energy bills.