What Is the Benefit of Having Satellite Surveillance?


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Satellite surveillance benefits law enforcement by enabling government agencies to track the movements of criminals, and it also allows these agencies to track the movement of stolen cars and even capture license plate numbers from afar. With satellite surveillance, these agencies track wanted fugitives in their hiding places and gather information to plain raids on those buildings while minimizing casualties. Originally, only governments had satellite surveillance capabilities, but with the progression of technology, multiple private companies now provide it.

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In war planning and the fight against terrorism, satellite surveillance enables America to penetrate cloud coverage and natural formations to identify underground bunkers and detect the number of enemies present using body heat. These systems find weapons storage areas by identifying chemical traces of weapons of mass destruction.

With satellites it is possible for the armed forces to have real-time, high-resolution video of all enemy movements, enabling them to plan attacks and raids accordingly. This allows the armed forces to go into battle with a detailed plan and allows soldiers to fully study and understand the terrain they must navigate. Stealth attacks on enemy territory have been very successful thanks to satellite surveillance, as seen during the 2011 raid of Osama Bin Laden.

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