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Ben Carson is a 2016 presidential candidate for the Republican Party; he was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1951; is a pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University; is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Michigan; and is an author and recipient of many awards and honors. Carson espouses many fundamental conservative beliefs, such as supporting faith in American society, abolishing marijuana as a legal drug, eliminating the Obamacare health care system and making non-life-threatening abortions illegal. Carson is a father of three sons and a wife named Candy, whom he met at Yale University.

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Carson was not affiliated with any political party prior to 2014, but joined the Republican Party after midterm elections in that year. His stance on key issues includes supporting less end-of-life care, having a smaller central government, banning marriage between homosexual and bisexual couples and letting Americans exercise their rights to bear arms.

Before entering the political arena, Carson served nearly 30 years at Johns Hopkins University. Initially, he attended Johns Hopkins for his residency program. He stayed, ultimately becoming its chief pediatric neurosurgeon. His surgical successes include the first separation of conjoined twins and use of hemispherectomy to control epileptic seizures.

In 2001, Carson was named by CNN and Time magazine as one the 20 most prominent physicians in the United States. President George W. Bush awarded Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest-level award granted to civilians, in 2008. Carson is an author of several books, including an autobiography and two New York Times bestsellers.

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