How Do You Find a Bell Phone Directory for Ontario?

How Do You Find a Bell Phone Directory for Ontario?

To find a Bell phone directory for Ontario, go to the Bell website and contact the staff for more information on obtaining a directory. Bell can provide local directories and directories of other places when users place an order through the right channels.

Bell Canada Enterprise is a Canadian communications company providing services to the government and residents of the country. To find a Bell telephone directory for Ontario, do the following.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Point a Web browser to the official Bell Canada Enterprise website. Type into the URL section of the browser and hit Enter.

  3. Search for contact information
  4. On the website, browse to find contact information for the company. Use the number 1 (800) 268-5637 to make inquiries regarding a local directory as of 2015. If outside of Ontario, use the number 1 (877) 987-8737 to inquire about an Ontario phone directory. It is also possible to chat with the company staff through the online chat feature.

  5. Provide personal details
  6. Provide personal details including email or mail address. This will be used in sending the copy of the Ontario directory.

  7. Wait for the directory
  8. The staff will verify the order and provide details about the duration of time it may take to deliver the directory.