How Do You Become Part of the United States Army Honor Guard?


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The two ways to join the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard are as a prior-service airman or as a basic trainee. Recruiters assist basic trainees in the process of joining the Air Force and becoming a member of the honor guard. Prior service applicants must have their chain of command recommend them through developmental special duty. Once recommended, those applicants fill out an online application.

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How Do You Become Part of the United States Army Honor Guard?
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There are minimum qualifications for joining the honor guard. Members need to be eligible for a permanent reassignment, and their performance reports must reflect a consistent demonstration of high standards of loyalty, performance, character and discretion. Members must also have 20/20 vision and have no history of back, knee, foot, posture, joint or equilibrium problems. Additionally, applicants must have impeccable grooming standards and the ability to speak clearly. The ideal height for honor guard members is 5 feet 10 inches for men and 5 feet 6 inches for women.

Applicants may not have any current conviction under the uniformed code of military justice, and they may not have a fear of firearms or a history of emotional disorders or anxiety.

There are no honor guard positions for those serving in the Air National Guard or the Air Force Reserve.

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