How Do You Become a Navy SEAL?


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In order to become a Navy Seal, you must enlist with your local Navy recruiter, and pass your ASVAB test. Once enlisted, there are several other requirements that must be met. Be as prepared as possible prior to enlistment.

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  1. Prepare yourself early for enlistment

    Ensure that you meet the application requirements for enlisting in the Navy. You must be a U.S citizen aged between 18 and 28. If you are 17, you may enlist with parental approval. You must have graduated from high school, have a clean record, including felonies and substance abuse, and you must be physically capable to pass the physical exam. The SEAL website has a guide available that lists the physical requirements.

  2. Enlist in the Navy

    You must contact your local navy recruiter and mention that you want to enlist and receive a SEAL challenge contract. This prompts the recruiter to put you in touch with a Navy Special Warfare Coordinator who enrolls you in the Delayed Entry Program and helps you prepare for your Physical Screening Test.

  3. Pass the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

    You must take and pass this test in order to enlist in the Navy. Your scores determine your eligibility for certain navy jobs, including qualification for the SEAL program.

  4. Receive your Navy and SEAL contract

    Once you pass the ASVAB and meet all other requirements, you receive a Navy contract. Prior to your boot camp, you are required to take the Navy SEAL PST to help determine eligibility. If you pass, your Navy contract is converted to a Navy SEAL contract and you start SEAL boot camp.

  5. Start NAVY SEAL training and prep

    After completing SEAL boot camp, attend the SEAL Prep School in Great Lakes and BUD/S for additional training.

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