How Do You Become a Member of the Moose Association?

To become a member of the Moose Association, verify that you fulfill all the requirements and then fill out the Be A Moose page on A member of the association calls you back and provides more information, including an application if you meet the requirements.

Men apply for membership at Moose Lodges, while women apply for membership at Moose chapters. The membership requirements are similar for men and women. Prospective members must be 21 or older and not be a member of any terrorist or subversive organizations. They must be of good moral character and can't have any felonies or sex offenses that haven't been expunged.

The Moose Association requires every member to profess belief in a supreme being. Prospective members that have been suspended or expelled from another lodge or chapter or who have had an application rejected at another lodge or chapter can't apply.

To apply, fill out the application provided by the Moose Association. You must have a current member sponsor you and another current member endorse you. Both members must sign your application. Include the application fee and annual membership dues with your application. After you submit the application, the Application Review Committee approves or denies it. If approved, the members at that lodge or chapter vote on whether to accept you as a member.