How Do You Become a Marine Sniper?


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To become a Marine sniper, join the Marine Corps, and take classes to be able to shoot at the expert level on the rifle range during boot camp. Additional qualifications include becoming a second class swimmer and scoring high on the fitness tests before volunteering to enter Recon or Force Recon.

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  1. Join the Marine Corps, and take classes

    Join the Marine Corps, and have a good record with no court-martial or nonjudicial punishments in the six months before applying to volunteer for sniper school. During the Marine Corps training, take patrolling, land navigation, supporting arms and scout sniper field classes, and pass the tests. Concealment, field, range card and range estimation classes are recommended. It is also helpful to know how to fire the M-40A1.

  2. Meet the expert shooter, swimmer and fitness test requirements

    Use the time at boot camp to become an expert shooter. Become a second class swimmer, and be able to swim while holding weight in and out of water for 30 seconds calmly. Train intensely until meeting all the requirements for the Marine Corps physical fitness test.

  3. Volunteer for Recon or Force Recon

    After meeting the expert shooter, swimming and physical fitness test requirements, volunteer for Recon or Force Recon. You must attend and pass all the classes, scoring as high as possible to become an expert marksman. After meeting Recon or Force Recon requirements, you may be given a chance to volunteer for Scout/Sniper School.

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