How Do You Become a Fighter Pilot?


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As of 2014, to become a fighter pilot, enroll in a bachelor's degree program and the Air Force ROTC program. Earn a high grade point average and private pilot's license. Score high on the pilot section of the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, pass a physical, and complete flight school.

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  1. Get a college education

    Enroll in a bachelor's degree program with a science or technology major. Keep your grade point average at 3.4 or higher.

  2. Enroll in the Air Force ROTC program

    Participating in the Air Force ROTC program allows entry into the Air Force with the rank of second lieutenant, a requirement for entering fighter pilot training.

  3. Complete civilian flight training

    Although this step is not absolutely required, having a private pilot's license increases your chance of entering a fighter pilot program and shortens the required training.

  4. Take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

    A score of 25 on the pilot portion of the test is required for entry into the fighter pilot program.

  5. Pass a Flying Class I physical

    The Flying Class I physical shows that the candidate is physically and psychologically prepared to be a fighter pilot.

  6. Complete flight school

    Flight school lasts one year and includes early training in the classroom, simulators and flying, followed by flight training for a specific type of aircraft.

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