How Do You Become a Dual Citizen of the U.S. and Canada?


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American citizens who spend three consecutive years living in Canada are eligible for dual citizenship in the United States and Canada, as outlined by USA Today. Other methods for gaining dual citizenship to the nations are by marriage or birth.

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Both Canada and the United States require that applicants first apply for permanent residence. In Canada, application requirements focus on an individual’s family, skills and investment capabilities. In the United States, people apply for permanent residence based on specialized job skills, family ties to U.S. citizens or the ability to invest $1 million into a U.S. business, as noted by AllLaw.com.

After three years of legal residence in Canada, U.S.citizens can apply for Canadian citizenship by downloading and completing an application from the Immigration section of the Government of Canada website. Applicants must pass an initial interview and take an exam that demonstrates that they are proficient in English and know the social and cultural history of Canada and understand its laws and system of government.

Canadian citizens must reside in the United States for five consecutive years before applying for citizenship. The process includes an interview and an exam covering U.S. civics and English, states the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

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