How Do You Become a Doctor in the Army?

How Do You Become a Doctor in the Army?

Army doctors begin with the same medical training as any physician. They also receive additional training that is specific to the armed forces.

  1. Get a bachelor's degree

    A bachelor’s degree is a requirement to gain admission into medical school and to take the Medical College Admissions Test. It is worth gaining relevant work experience such as volunteering in medical centers or other similar environments and pursuing an additional degree to strengthen candidacy before applying to a Doctor of Medicine program.

  2. Get a medical degree

    It is not necessary to attend a military-affiliated school in order to join the military. However, a medical degree from an approved medical school is a requirement to get into the Army as a medical officer.

  3. Meet Army requirements

    Contact an Army recruiter for information on the exact perquisites for admission into the Army. At the very least, applicants need to meet age, character and health requirements. A security clearance is also required before joining the Army. Doctors may be required to currently practice medicine in the United States and hold a current state medical license. Once accepted, sign the contract that indicating the minimum amount of service time.

  4. Join the Army

    Join the Army and provide health care to military personnel and their families. Some of the areas where military doctors work include international medical centers and hospital ships. Leadership positions include coordinating the placement and employment of medical personnel or commanding medical units.