How Do You Beat a Ticket for Rolling a Stop Sign?

Strategies for attempting to beat a ticket for a rolling stop include challenging the officer's subjective conclusion and challenging the officer's observation, according to Nolo. Others approaches can include proving you made a mistake of fact, proving you were legally justified, or proving your conduct was necessary to avoid harm.

In other words, you need to prove one of the five things. If the officer was mistaken about whether you came to a full stop or was unable to clearly see whether you did so, you may need to provide other witnesses, explains Nolo. It is possible to argue that you were unable to see the stop sign, but happened to be going very slowly, or that there was a legal reason for not coming to a full stop. You can also argue that you couldn't stop because of a reason such as the vehicle behind you would have crushed you.

All of these strategies call for some advance preparation. This can include revisiting the scene and taking pictures of obstructions to the view, both from the driver's perspective and from that of the officer who wrote the ticket, states Nolo. Some kind of documentation of traffic and weather conditions may be helpful. You may also want to bring any passengers or bystanders to court, ones who can support your version of events.