What Are the Basics of Fire Safety?


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Basics for fire safety in the home include storing combustible materials in their own space, not overloading electrical circuits and taping rather than stapling cords to walls. For the kitchen, keep the stove clear of flammable items, and keep baking soda nearby to put out kitchen fires.

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What Are the Basics of Fire Safety?
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Store combustible materials in a closet that is specified for that use, and put a good lock on the door to prevent children from entering. Place a heat detector in the closet to provide an alert system in case of fire. If the fuses are blowing or circuit breakers are flipping in the house, hire an electrician to be sure you are not overloading the electrical circuits. Attach electrical cords to walls with tape to prevent staples from puncturing the cords and causing a fire hazard.

Keep flammable items, such as potholders, napkins and towels, away from the stove to prevent grease fires. Also keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward on the stove to prevent knocking them over by bumping into the handles while cooking. Put out grease fires in the kitchen with baking soda, as water may spark on grease and may make the fire worse rather than extinguishing it.

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