What Are the Basic Steps of the Marine Corps Pay Scale?


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The Marine Corps has 24 levels of rank with an increasing amount of monthly pay as individuals receive promotions. Nine of those ranks involve enlisted Marines.

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During the 2015 fiscal year, privates receive $1,547 a month in basic pay. At the second level, privates first class earn $1,734 a month, as of 2015.

Lance corporals with less than two years' experience are paid $1,823.40 a month with a maximum of $2,055.30 after three years. Corporals receive $2,019.60 within two years of their enlistment; the maximum is $2,451.60 after six years.

Sergeants with less than two years' enlistment get $2,202.90 a month. The maximum is $3,125.70 after 12 years. Staff sergeants' monthly basic pay is $2,404.50 within the first two years and increases to $3,724.40 after 18 years.

Gunnery sergeants get $2,780.10 within the first two enlisted years. The maximum is set at $4,996.20 after 26 years.

Master sergeants and first sergeants are combined at the eighth enlisted rank on the pay scale. The pay starts at $3,999 for those with less than eight years of experience. The maximum is $5,703.60 after 30 years.

Master gunnery sergeants, sergeants major and the sergeant major of the Marine Corps receive the same pay at the ninth enlisted rank. Monthly pay begins at $4,885.20 for those who receive their ranks within the first 10 enlisted years. Pay reaches $7,585.60 after 38 years.

Enlisted soldiers receive additional pay for combat, hazardous and submarine duty.

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