How Do I Find a Bankruptcy Case Number for Free?


Bankruptcy case numbers can be obtained through the website. Justia allows free searches for case information from U.S. district courts and courts of appeal. Users can request a search using any combination of jurisdiction, case name, date or type of lawsuit.

According to University of Wisconsin Law Library, federal court dockets, including bankruptcy documents, can be viewed using a service called Free Court Dockets. The Free Court Dockets website offers the ability to view dockets, but in order to view filing information, a PACER account is necessary. PACER is a national index for U.S. district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts. In order to search for court records via the PACER system, a paid account is required. Through the Justia website, however, UW Law Library says that users can obtain a bankruptcy case number for free and use that number on the Free Court Dockets website to view certain details contained on a bankruptcy document.

The Justia website offers the ability to search for lawyers by legal issue and it also has a bankruptcy Q&A section. Users can type in specific questions that are then answered by an attorney registered on the site who specializes in bankruptcy laws within a particular state.